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1844 Gaylord Drive, Arkon, Ohio 44320

The Tuscara was Valley Pioneer Power Association staged the 18th annual Antique Power Show on the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds, Dover, Ohio, on August 21, 22, 23, 1981. Paid admissions totaled 7,223 in addition to the Association members, exhibitors, and children under twelve. The total attendance was 8,300. The parade on Sunday afternoon was an outstanding event; the Sandy Valley marching band, 76 antique cars and trucks, 22 traction and portable steam engines, 3 scale model steam traction engines, 87 gasoline and oil tractors, 3 threshing machines, baler, ensilage cutter, and other miscellaneous equipment.

The Association owned 54-inch saw mill was in almost continuous operation during the three days. Other operations included grain threshing, straw baling, ensilage cutting, grain grinding, and shingle making, two mills. The Baker fans and the DC generator supplied the belt loads for the steam and gas engines. The DC generator and the Ashcroft fan simulated actual belt work with variable loads. The horse drawn water tank wagon and the dog powered churn reminded the visitors of the animal power used before the days of steam and gas power. The air-operated calliope gave the crowd an example of the circus and carnival music of former days.

Eight stationery steam engines, 1 to 50 horsepower, 4 large models, 51 small scale, 2 portables, 4 railway locomotives, 5 railway cars, and an operating saw mill were in the interesting group of models. Thirteen scale model gasoline engines, and 143 washing machines sized to 15 horsepower were on exhibition and in operation. A Rube Goldberg mechanical assembly of several hundred moving parts driven by a gasoline engine caused the visitors to stop and take a second look.

The unofficial tractor and steam engine pull provided entertainment on Friday evening. The steam tractors operated by Dute, Kennedy, Carl Weidman, Whitmore and Woodard all pulled in excess of 17,000 pounds and put on a good show with their stack exhausts.

The gas and oil tractor pulls were judged according to the tractor weight. The results follow: 2500-3500: Calvin Lillie 188%. 4000-5000: Carl Scott 175%. Over 5000: Jim Griffin 171%.

The Saturday evening entertainment included the old time fiddler's contest with 12 contestants in two age groups and the slow steam engine race, and the steam engine block race. Elmer Wenger and Bill Powers tied at 37 seconds in block race; Elmer won with 34 seconds. Howard Calamie won the large class slow race, and Charles Scheffel won in the model race.

The arts and crafts sales tables displayed a wide range of articles for sale. The flea market was larger than in previous years, and offered personal items from hats to socks; new and used tools, household articles, collectibles, and antiques. Food concessions offered a variety of food with hot and cold drinks.

Church services were held on Sunday morning. On Saturday, Calvin Lillie was named 'Thresher-man of the Year;' Bernice Lillie was designated 'Queen of the 1981 Show.' Verle Baker and Robert Scheetz acted as masters of ceremonies and kept the public address system busy with their announcements and comments about the various activities during the show.

The Association officers extend their thanks to all of the members for their work and interest; to the Ladies Auxiliary for their support; to the exhibitors whose equipment made the show possible; to the arts, crafts, and sales people for the interesting and varied articles on display and for sale; and to the visitors whose continued support will encourage us to try for a better show next year to be held at the same location on August 20, 21, 22, 1982.