Western Missouri Antique Tractor and Machinery, 13th Annual Show Report

Peerless engine

1907 Model U Peerless getting ready to belt up to a 22-38 McCormick separator. Both are owned by Thurman Farms.

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RR#l,Box226 ,Archie, Missouri 64725

To some, 13 is an unlucky number. To us at Adrian, we know different. The W.M.A.T.& M.A. held their 13th annual show at Adrian, Missouri, on the 26th, 27th, 28th of July. Being in the midst of a draught and having set records the previous shows, we really didn't know what to expect this year. All week prior to the show, 110 degree temperatures were common and we hadn't had a rain in weeks so we really thought we would be hurting this year. Well, the good Lord saw our need and on Wednesday we received a half inch of rain and temperatures fell to the 80's for the entire weekend. To Him we give thanks first and foremost.

How to describe a show like ours is almost impossible. We have some thing for everyone to see and get involved in. The pride we share in our show is shown in how we get along with each other. I can't remember one disagreement in the 13 years of our growth that made anyone mad or turned into bad feelings. We are more than a club, we are friends. Well, enough of that, on with the show.

Being a three day show the first day is set-up day. Well, our set-up day this year was really Wednesday and on Thursday we were filled nearly to capacity. The draft horse pull had some of the best teams in the four state area and came down to the wire with Howard Ford of Archie, Missouri taking first place. We had a record crowd for the Friday activities which is supposed to be set-up day, but we still didn't dream of the days to follow.

Saturday and Sunday came with perfect weather and it showed at the gate. We always order 500 more buttons than we had the year before, and last year we nearly doubled in size. This year we used all of the buttons and were over a 1000 short. To say the least we broke every record again this year and we thank all of you, when we say this, we mean everyone who attended our show helped to make it happen.

Displays numbered in the 100's and we're going to have to expand our gas engine area to take all of the old engines as we had to double them up this year. Antique tractors were represented by almost every color and brand, and we had some of the finest and oldest in the country. We had nine steam engines this year which we were really proud of. This year we were trying to grow in this area. I wish to thank all of you who brought engines in, you were really a hit with our show and we want you to come back and bring some friends.

Our show ground is set up around our frontier town which grows every year. The town consists of a horse barn, blacksmith shop, school house, saloon, bank, ice cream parlor, store, museum, mill house, Indian village, engine shed, saw mill, water tower, leather shop, restroom and house, machine storage shed, speaker's tower and railroad caboose. These are full scale buildings many of them being moved here from their original sites.

We also built a bridge, or put it back together, that had been built in the early 1900's. We hope this year to add at least two more buildings and one more bridge

1929 19 HP Keck-Gonnerman pulling a 28-46 McCormick separator. Engine owned by the Haverfields; separator owned by Jim Ketron.

As far as activities are concerned we had them all. Threshing, baling tractor pulls, slow races, log hewing, church services, quick start, saw mill, two man saw contest, stump pulling, draft horses, steam as well as horse plowing, sewing, blacksmith, pedal tractor pull, hay stack scramble, wood working, spinning wheel, grist mill, rope making, Baker fans, parades, antique car show, tram rides, and these are just to name a few.

There was no way you could see all the displays in a day. I was there for the entire show and still didn't see it all. To say the least it was our best show ever.

At this time I would like to thank all of you who made our show the success it was. Even if all you did was attend you were part of making it a huge success. If you haven't attended our show make plans now to do so next year. We would love to have you. I believe you will come back year after year because we really value your friendship here at Adrian. 'Hope to see you in '92 at the 14th annual steam and gas show in Adrian, Missouri!