WhoWhat Is the Benson Mountain Company?

110 HP half size boiler

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Pres. 1555 Wallum Lake Road Pascoag, Rhode Island 02859-1818

The Benson Mountain Company is now in its fourth year of business. It was started for the sole purpose of enabling the novice and seasoned hobbyist an affordable company to provide new ASME code boilers as well as certified welding repairs to their boilers.

Peter Bouley, owner, and his crew left a very large power plant construction and maintenance corporation to start this company dedicated to the locomotive, traction, marine, automotive and stationary engine people everywhere.

I saw a growing need to provide service to what appears to be a growing forgotten group of hobbyists and dreamers. Often in my management position with the large corporation I'd been asked by hobbyists and museums to provide service. Whenever possible I gave the service, but, with growing resistance from upper management, a change had to happen!

I walked away from a secure position, where I was responsible for multi-million dollar jobs and up to 10 workers from various trades working in commercial, industrial, and power plants throughout the eastern United States. I started the Benson Mountain Company, taking the name from where I lived Benson Mountain located where the states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut join. I knew that before I could help the hobbyist I had to reach them and demonstrate our expertise. We are also represented in the mid western United States by Mr. Jim Huffaker, of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, who is well known in that area.

In order to stay solvent in the meantime, we continued to service our newly acquired commercial/industrial accounts. The second year brought the issuance of ASME code stamps, a new shop, a few boilers for hobbyists and visitations to many shows.

A challenge came from Myron Garrels, South Dakota, to build the first half-size 110 HP Case boiler needed to build a tractor from castings available from Tom Stebritz of Algona, Iowa. As copies of original 1912 prints dealt with rivets and joint construction no longer acceptable under current ASME code, a complete recalculation and joint design had to be done and accepted by our Authorized Inspection Agency for ASME code work. It seemed like an eternity for ourselves and our customer. Many long hours were spent on the phone with Myron going over details. A trip to South Dakota to see a full-size 110 Case owned by Kevin Anderson and David Fie helped with countless details.

Finally in September of 1994 the prototype was completed and passed 225 psi hydrostatic tests (M.A.W.P. 150). After the 'S' stamp was placed upon the back head I called Myron and told him. I decided that I should deliver this boiler personally and show it to the many interested people along the way. Myron made arrangements to have those people who had supported this project in South Dakota meet Myron and me in Watertown, South Dakota so that they could all see the results.

The photo below shows the new 110 HP half size boiler on a trailer in front of Don Redlin's shop in Watertown, South Dakota. (L to R) Kevin Anderson, Myron Garrels (new owner), Don Redlin, Leo (retired locomotive engineer) and David Fie.

As of 1995 Benson Mountain Company is 100% dedicated to the hobbyist, museums, railroad and others who appreciate steam power. We thank everyone who has supported us in reaching this goal and we are ready to support anyone needing a good new boiler or qualified, caring repairs. We invite your inquiries and shop visits are allowed anytime by calling our office. We love to have company see us at work. We look forward to seeing many of you at the shows this season and we hope to bring along some of our equipment to show as well. The Benson Mountain Team.