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The U. S. Postal Service has issued stamps of many kinds honoring various types of vehicles and machines. Why not urge that a stamp be issued to pay tribute to the steam traction engine?

The gasoline tractor is shown on a 7.1 cent stamp created for use of non-profit organizations. A buck-board of the 1880's is shown on a 4.9 cent stamp. A locomotive of the 1870's can be seen on a 2-cent stamp.

If there is sufficient interest out there in Engine land, we will assemble a communication to be sent to the postal authorities suggesting that the traction engine be shown on a stamp to be issued in 1989.

The list for 1988 commemoratives has already been issued, into November. The process for obtaining the go-ahead for issuance of a special stamp is rather long and tortuous. It may be necessary to ask for help from members of the U. S. Senate and House to back our efforts.

We can start with the letters, telling of the importance of the steam traction engine in the agricultural history of the United States, and listing some of the outstanding individuals and companies that made the giant forward steps possible.

If the Postal Service can issue four different stamps about cats (as it did on Feb. 5), then certainly the steam traction engine deserves attention.

The Conestoga wagon (which originated in Lancaster County, PA) was honored on a stamp due out Feb. 29. That we can understand, since it was so vital to transportation and the opening of frontiers.

We are not detracting from any of the choices announced thus far. Typical are Knute Rockne, March 4; New York statehood, July 26; classic autos, five designs in booklet, August; Gen. Hap Arnold and Buffalo Bill Cody, dates undetermined.

If you like this idea, address your letters to: Engine Stamp, c/o IMA, Box 328, Lancaster, PA 17603.