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A 72-page paperback book full of information and pictures has been published by the Wisconsin Steam Antique Engine Club and can be obtained from the club at $5.75 a copy postpaid.

Prepared by Ed Western, the book is 'a picture album of old steam engines, gas tractors, gas engines, models, and antique farm machinery shown by our members and exhibitors at our annual tractor shows'.

The book is a sentimental tribute, recalling the days of the past and those who have gone on, and looking ahead.

We like the big photo on inside back cover, showing Glenn Reckelberg firing his Dad's 65 Case. The line above it says, 'The Future Is In Good Hands'.

The front cover has an excellent photo of Gilbert Steinbrecker's 1880 12 HP Frick Eclipse portable steam engine which powers the shingle mill at club shows.

The history relates that the club got off to a false start, then was formally organized as it is today, in 1954 at Manitowoc. The second paragraph contains a sentence that must be familiar to members of many other clubs:

'In the early years, bad weather at show time resulted in operating losses that required a transfusion of hard cash by a couple of faithful members to assure the club's survival.'

The club has survived that is abundantly evident.

An apology is made in the book for lack of good pictures from early shows, and there is also the note that no written records are available for the first years of operation. Other clubs can take heed: nothing slips away like photos that are not taken, or minutes that are not written.

To order a copy, write to Ed Western, Route 2, Box 127, Kewaunee, WI 54216.