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January 2013 Mystery Tools D and E

Do you recognize these tools?

January 2013 Mystery Tool D

January 2013 Mystery Tool D 

This old farm tool's handle measures 11 inches long. The blade is 6 inches long.

January 2013 Mystery Tool E

January 2013 Mystery Tool E 

This old farm tool has no markings or dates. The lever is attached with wooden pegs. The base is held together with four flat-head screws, possibly a later repair or modification. It measures 28 inches tall. With the lever open, the mouth measures 2-1/2 inches wide. The base is 5-1/2 inches wide.

If you recognize either of these mystery tools, leave a comment below.

Check back here February 19 for the correct answer, or find it in the March issue of Farm Collector.

Have a tool you want to submit? Email us at with at least one photo taken in a well-lit area against a plain background. Include dimensions and any markings on the piece.

gary randall
2/12/2013 8:45:47 PM

This is possibly a boot holder to place boots on in the upside down position to dry them out and warm the inside for use on another day.It looks like the lever in the middle of the piece is used to narrow or widen the two holder pieces to accomodate many sizes of bood