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May 2011 Web Exclusive Mystery Tool

Do you recognize this tool? It consists of eight indivdual items that stack together and the largest forms the storage case. The material appears to be brass and each cup fits inside the next larger one. The style of the numbers appears to be some type of exotic calligraphy. The lid has what looks like a P and an I or an arrow as well as a three leaf emblem or crest. The fourth item on the lid appears to be a cylindrical carrying case with a carrying handle that is somewhat shaped like a cannon barrel.

The inscription on the lid appears to say "mulhauten" or "mulhausen," but it is hard to read. The submitter thinks it might be German.

Unstacked cups 

Unstacked cups 

The cups, stacked 

Showing the engravings: a 3 leaf emblem, the number 1, and a cannon barrel 

All of the tools together weigh approximately 1 pound. Dimensions of each item (in inches) are listed below:

Height Diameter (top) Wall thickness Markings
.12" .46" .05" 3 leaf crest/emblem
.22" .69" .07" 3 leaf crest/emblem
.39" .84" .08" 3 leaf crest/emblem
.49" 1.02" .1" Looks like a "1"
.54" 1.28" .12" 2
.76" 1.49" .13" 4
1.05" 1.8" .16" 8
1.48" 2.2" .17" 10

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