Old Farm Tools – What Is It? December 2010 Mystery Tools Answers

Answers to December 2010 mystery tools

December 2010 Item B
December 2010 Item B. Crimping tool used in shell reloading. Identified by Bob Wittersheim, Carleton, Mich.; John Herald, Pilot Rock, Ore.; Steven Mead; Wayne Rowell, Wilmington, Vt.; Maurice Davis, Conklin, N.Y.; Luke Kissell, Westminster, Md.; Weldon W. Hammond Jr., San Antonio, Texas; Lyndel Biby, Enid, Okla.; Maurice L. Hooks; Onie Sims, Whittier, Calif.; Fred Reichart, Lafayette, Ind.; Frank Carey, Monson, Mass.; Erwin L. Fullerton, S. Woodstock, Vt.; Jerald Fastenow, Spirit Lake, Iowa; Bob Sternecker, Cunningham, Kan.; Steve Terhune, Bowie, Md.; Dave Mattson, Vulcan, Mich.; Darwin Verke, Arvada, Colo.; Mark Cadman, Tolland, Conn.; and Aron E. Griffin, Shirley, Mass. “I have my grandfather’s,” Weldon Hammond writes, “and I have used it more than once. It works great on paper shotgun shells (not on plastic!).”
Photo submitted by Donald Green, Malta, Mont.