Old Farm Tools – What Is It? February 2011 Mystery Tools Answers

Answers to the February 2011 mystery tools

February 2011 Mystery Item D
February 2011 Mystery Item D. Collapsible camp stool frame (the piece would typically have a canvas seat). Identified by Wayne Newson, Emyvale, Prince Edward Island, Canada; Lee Muncy, Decatur, Texas; Elaine McCluskey, Arlington, S.D.; and Verle Spence, Hartford, Iowa. “In 1903, my grandparents bought a little child’s seat like this for my dad to sit on in the buggy,”Elaine writes. “It was handed down from my dad to me. He said he rode on it many miles in their buggy, the chief means of transportation in those days. A piece of fabric was stretched from one of the rounded rods to the other rounded rod, thus making a seat for him. The square rods were used for placing on the floor in the buggy.” Photo submitted by David Ruark, Pomeroy, Wash. 
Photo submitted by David Ruark, Pomeroy, Wash.