Old Farm Tools – What Is It? January 2011 Mystery Tools Answers

Answers to the January 2011 mystery tools

January Mystery Tool C
January Mystery Tool C. No positive identification on this item but a host of intriguing possibilities. Several readers pegged it as a box to hold wood chips in a barbecue. Others, though, recalled such boxes being used to hold hot briquets when warming engines in cold weather, to warm passengers in horse-drawn wagons and sleighs, or even for use near the bed on cold winter nights. Identified by Larry Peterson, Stacy, Minn.; Roger E. Larsen, Dalbo, Minn.; Noel Allard, Menahga, Minn.; Joseph W. Cramer, Burlington, Wis.; Dudley Newton, El Dorado, Calif.; James Nodsle, Sabin, Minn.; and Robert Scholz.
Photo submitted by Raymond Fenley, Copper Canyon, Texas