Old Farm Tools – What Is It? August 2010 Answers

Answers to August 2010 mystery tools

August 2010 Item D
D. Iron that covered the wood end part of a wagon bolster that the wagon box sat on, keeping the wagon box centered and preventing it from sliding against the wheel, as identified by Dan Lang; Buck and Cathy Evans; James R. Bunting, Dwight, Ill.; Marlin O. Herbst, Merrill, Iowa; Stephen Clemens; Earl Berry; and Alan Easley, Columbia, Mo. "The rings probably served several purposes," Alan notes, "but when I was a kid and we were hauling pole wood to the house to be sawed into firewood, my pappy and grandpap would cut limbs the right size to slip into the rings and extend 2 to 3 feet above the bed sides. That allowed us to haul a lot more wood on each load."
Photo submitted by Bob Armstrong, Katy, Texas