Old Farm Tools - What Is It? October 2010 Answers

Answers to October 2010 mystery tools

Mystery Item A October 2010
Mystery Item A October 2010. Ecraseur, a veterinary surgical tool used to remove ovaries in large animals; sometimes used to castrate horses or bulls. Identified by J.E. Benson, Galesburg, Ill.; P.T. Rathbone, Marsing, Idaho; Stephen Clemens, Mazeppa, Minn.; Buck and Cathy Evans, Ft. Lupton, Colo.; Jim Glascock, Cedar Grove, Ind.; and Joseph Helms, Edwardsville, Ill. Dr. John S. Townsend IV, Garland, Texas, takes a slightly different tack, suggesting that the piece is a tonsil snare used in performing tonsillectomies in the early years of the last century. It could be a veterinary surgical tool, he notes, “but I think the size and construction makes it far more likely that this is indeed a tonsil snare.” Photo submitted by Stan Koehn, Wichita, Kan. See Patent 421,082. 
Photo submitted by Stan Koehn, Wichita, Kan.