100 Years of Cletrac

Hart-Parr/Oliver collectors celebrate Cletrac centennial at a summer show in New York.

1929 General Model D with a 2-cylinder engine owned by Landis Zimmerman, Ephrata, Pa. General serial number tags read, “The General Tractor Co., Cleveland, Ohio,” but many suspect The General was built by Cleveland Tractor Co. Although no patent for the tractor itself can be found under the name of Cletrac founder Rollin White, two of the tractor’s components were patented by White. The General’s hood is also quite similar to those of Cletrac crawlers produced in the same era. The General is a 2-wheeled machine operated from an attached sulky or from the seat of a horse-drawn implement, and has a 2-cylinder water-cooled engine apparently produced in-house.
Photo by Paul Trowbridge