Homemade Tractor Built From Scratch

Homemade tractor, nicknamed “Katydid,” restored after 40 years in the scrap pile.

Homemade Tractor Old Photo
My mother, Maxine, took this photo in 1955 or ’56. From left to right: My grandpa Morton on the Avery (Wards Twin-Row), Nell hitched to the wagonload of seed with me at the reins, along with my cousin Glenda and Grandma, as well as my dog, Tippy. Jerry was on the Allis-Chalmers, Dad on the Katydid and Jim on the planter. Jim’s job, besides filling the seed boxes, was to put the planter in and out of the ground, as well as jump off at the end and grab the marker to make sure it changed sides each time. Jerry and Grandpa worked the ground and Grandma and I dumped soybeans in a tub, then sprinkled water and inoculator on them and stirred until they looked somewhat black. This was one of the few photos of the Katydid at work and served as a resource in restoration.