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May 1, 2009: Five Tractors Ready for Loading

by Ron Bywaters

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Trace the adventures of a group of intrepid Australians as they cross the U.S. from east to west — driving classic Australian-built Chamberlain tractors. Estimated at 5,000 miles from start to finish, the trip is expected to take 10 weeks, ending in September. Here’s the first post by Ron Bywaters, originally posted on

Chamberlain tractor trek  
One of the Australian-built Chamberlain tractors that will make the trek across the U.S.  

The first part of the adventure has already commenced with the five tractors having been loaded into sea containers on May 1, 2009.

The loading took place at the Westrac premises in Welshpool, which was part of the original Chamberlain manufacturing site.

The ship is now on the high seas with an expected arrival in the Port of Baltimore in mid June – Crews are busily packing their bags in readiness for their respective flights which will also see most crews arrive in the USA in mid June.

Final preparations are being made for the official send-off which will be from the town Westminster in Maryland on Saturday, June 27, 2009.

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