National Summer Tractor Show: A Gaggle of Garden Tractors

Central Hawkeye Gas Engine & Tractor Show marked by rare and unusual exhibits.

A Gaggle of Garden Tractors
Left: Mike Harper, Macomb, Ill., showed a pair of Red E power cultivators produced by Pioneer Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee. The Red E (far left) was a gear-driven garden tractor with no belts or chains. This original unit dates to the 1930s; the unit at left, to 1927. The Red E used Model T Ford parts: pistons, valves, springs and carburetor, with a flywheel on the front. The line was produced in the 1920s and ‘30s for use on truck farms. The appeal for Mike? “I like garden tractors because they’re still cheaper to buy, they’re easier to handle and work on,” he says.