Thermocure Cooling System Rust Remover and Flush

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Thermocure™ a new rust remover for the cooling systems which is safe, simple, and easy to use. Thermocure™ restores the engine’s ability to transfer heat to the coolant which allows the engines to run cooler and last longer. Thermocure™ works great in automobiles, ATVs, diesels, RVs and tractors.

Thermocure™ easily removes rust scale and deposits from radiators, water pumps, water jackets, engine blocks and heads. The Thermocure™ procedure is simple. Once the cooling system is completely drained and the coolant is removed from the radiator the user will add a mixture of Thermocure™ and water to the radiator. The vehicle should run for 3-4 hours up to three days depending on the amount of rust. The cooling system is then drained and flushed twice with water. It is important to add a high-quality antifreeze after the system is flushed to prevent future problems.

Depending on the depth of the rust, the Thermocure™ solution may be effective for two treatments. The spent solution will have traces of antifreeze that should be disposed of with the antifreeze that was removed from the vehicle.

Thermocure will be available in the automotive department of Walmart supercenters nationwide starting March 2017.

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