Owners of Big Bud 747 Tractor visit Heartland Acres Agribition Center

| 12/15/2010 9:08:11 AM

Press Release

Big Bud 

November in northeast Iowa is anything but a place to settle in for the winter. Heartland Acres was busy hosting the Williams brothers, Robert and Randy, during their recent visit to Heartland Acres Agribition Center in Independence, IA.

Heartland Acres has been home of BIG BUD 747 “The Worlds Largest Agricultural Tractor” since the beginning of April and will continue to do so through 2010 with plans for additional viewings through 2011.

“Big Bud is an amazing piece of agricultural equipment.  Boasting 1,100 horsepower and capable of moving the 130,000 pound tractor easily and quickly through the largest fields, this tractor is definitely a one of a kind,” stated Heartland Acres Board Member Eric Smith.

Smith, along with 25 other volunteers and staff where more than happy to answer questions for guests during a recent 3 day visit by the Williams brothers to Heartland Acres.  Heartland Acres opened for business in May of 2007 and recently won an Iowa Tourism award for “Attraction of the Year 2010.”