Letters to the Editor

| December 2005

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  • Planter.jpg

Planter restored for posterity

This planter has "1919" on the wheel, but the manufacturer's name rubbed off many years ago. This planter was found in a barn where it had been stored for more than 50 years. I restored it to its present condition and made a new handle for it. It and an old syrup mill retrieved from deep in the woods are now located in the Round Oak (Ga.) Memory Gardens, a project of two people - myself and Mary Mussleman - who love history and the area where we live.

- Ronnie Crutchfield
Hillsboro, Ga.

Finding treasures along the roadside

In the June 2005 issue, the cartoon "Memories of a Former Kid," the scene depicted still goes on today, and fits me to a "T." I stop to pick up found items on the road all the time. I missed a chain binder once: By the time I got swung around, someone else was putting it in his car.

I've found all kinds of tools and parts on the road. I guess a 20-ton hydraulic jack is the grand prize so far. It was half-buried in the snow and I thought it was a tomato can (it was red!).

One does have to be careful and be aware of traffic coming from behind.

- Harold Rossow
Weston, Idaho