Show Time! Looking Back on the 2015 Show Season

Farm Collector readers share their photographs from the 2015 show season.

| February 2016

If you live north of the Mason-Dixon Line, this time of year marks a desolate point on the calendar. In January, last year’s show season is little more than a distant memory, and the upcoming show season can scarcely yet be imagined.

Fortunately, among the ranks of Farm Collector readers are legions of talented amateur photographers. In this issue, we share with you some of their favorite photos from the 2015 show season – bringing those warm summer days back to life, and making the next show season seem not quite so far off.

Once you get a look at these shots, you won’t need a time machine to drop back a few months. Clear blue skies and green fields set the stage. A cast of characters takes their places: grandchildren, grandparents; old-timers, first timers; young, old. Next to them are the true relics: doodlebugs, rare engines, restored tractors, original tractors and steam engines fired up and on the move.

Close your eyes: It doesn’t take long before you can almost hear the announcer over the cacophony of antique machinery. You’ll remember the heat, the dust, the smells of coal smoke and old iron. You may see the stream of shoppers hitting the swap tent first thing each day; you may see the line at the homemade ice cream stand.

Open your eyes: You’ll see things in these pages you’ve never seen before. A slide-valve flame ignition engine. A buck rake. A show-mobile built from an old boiler. Foster chickens on parade, for pete’s sake.

Relax; put your feet up. Forget about winter for a while – and enjoy the show!