Bidding Frenzy at Unique Tractor and Engine Auction

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A 10-20 Titan and 10-20 Mogul drew strong interest.
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The scene at the overflow building. The auction was broadcast on big-screen monitors in two buildings to enhance viewing; bids were taken in the overflow building and relayed to the auctioneer.
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Loading the engines. Engines at the sale ran the range from "mainstream John Deere to the more obscure engines, pretty rare finds," Jeff Doner said.
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The sale also featured petroleum collectibles, including more than 150 antique gas pumps, 75 antique globes and 150 signs.

A treasure trove of farm collectibles drew high prices when Bob Ogorek’s collection of tractors and engines was sold in November in Clio, Mich. The three-day sale featured a diverse collection of antique tractors, stationary engines, antique gas pumps, globes, signs and other collectibles.

Jeff Doner, real estate director with auction house Kruse International, said three factors generated a strong sale.

“This was a very big collection, and it was a no-reserve auction, and it was a varied collection,” he said. “There were buyers there for anything and everything. Prices for signs and gas pumps and engines were just fantastic,” he said.

When prices spike, he said, it has a lasting effect on buyers and sellers.

“It generates a lot of excitement, and gets more and more people interested. And the more interest there is, the harder this stuff is to find, and the price goes up more,” he said. “It gets to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Some “very unique tractors” also got the crowd’s attention.

“What really sparked their interest was the Moguls,” he said.

With the exception of the Moguls and a few others, tractor prices were more predictable, he said.

The auction was well attended.

“It was an excellent turnout,” said Stacy Shepard, with Kruse public relations. “It was standing room only most of the time. And we never stopped registering people to bid. There were more than 1,000 bidders, and it only tapered off at the end of the last day.”

Sale Highlights

Tractors: Mogul 10-20, $17,000; Mogul 10-20, $15,000; Allis Chalmers 7580, $9,200; Case DO, $3,750; Farmall Super M, $3,700; Ford 4000, $7,000; Ford dump truck, $9,000; Fordson (on steel), $2,250; Graham-Bradley (original rubber and paint), $4,250; Hart-Parr 2850 (original factory conversion rubber), $4,000; International KB6 fire truck, $3,800; John Deere BO tractor, $7,250; Leader tractor, $1,400; McCormick-Deering Model W-14, $5,100; Minneapolis-Moline GVI, $2,400; Mogul 8-16, $21,000; Oliver 70 (on steel), $3,400; Rusian dozer, $9,000; Samson M, $4,400; Sheppard SD 4 diesel, $5,750; Twin City 2744, $4,750; dozer, $17,000.

Restored Engines: 20 hp IHC tray cooled Famous, original, $13,500; 12 hp IHC tray cooled, $12,500; 16-18 hp Lauson Lawton sideshaft, original, $12,000; 15 hp Fairbanks Morse N, ‘ $ 10,000; 10 hp Goold Shapely Muir, tank cooled, $9,500; 4 hp Famous IHC, screen cooled with original paint and skids, $9,250; 10 hp International Victor portable, $9,000; 5 hp Fairbanks Morse N, $7,750; 15 hp IH Famous, $7,000; 10 hp IHC M, $5,900; 10 hp IHC M, $5,500; 8 hp Fairbanks Morse N, tank cooled, mechanically restored, $4,500; 8 hp Simplicity, $4,500; 10 hp Novo S, $4,500; 4 hp Mogul sideshaft, $4,200; 4 hp New Holland, $4,200; 5 hp Galloway, original cart, $4,100; 4 hp IH Famous, hopper cooled, $4,000; 1 hp Mogul Jr., $3,750; 10 hp Novo S, drop center cart, $3,750; 6 hp JD E, $3,500; 7 hp Galloway Masterpiece 7, $3,500; 15 hp Fairbanks Morse Z, $2,500; 3 hp ‘Apple’ hoppered Petters, $2,000.

Unrestored Engines: 3-4 hp Air Cooled Motor Co., Lansing, MI, $4,000; 15 hp 7A Saeger Olds, $8,000; 12 hp National Chief, $2,200; 9 hp Economy D, $2,300; 5 hp New Holland, $2,300; 2-3 hp Gade, original, $2,500. FC

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