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Caught on Film: The 2009 Show Season

Jump to the photos we didn’t have room to publish in the magazine.

Show season 2009 provided rich opportunity for Farm Collector readers.

From field demonstrations to static displays, behind-the-scene glimpses to perfectly posed shots, the full range of show activity leaps to life in these photographs (click the photo gallery links below to view the images).

The old saying “photos don’t lie” isn’t necessarily true anymore, what with the mischief made possible by sophisticated computer software. These photos, however, are true and honest representations, unmanipulated in any way. Still, the very nature of a photo sometimes plays a bit coy with the facts.

A picture of plowing demonstrations shows clear skies, lush fields and rich green foliage. Seen in mid-winter, it’s a picture of paradise. The photo, though, does not speak to the temperature or humidity of that summer day – which might have been beastly. A charming shot of a tractor on parade conveniently omits the pure frustration that resulted when the tractor inexplicably died in the line-up, moments before the picture was taken. A photo of a gleaming stationary engine, restored to perfection, makes no reference to the piece’s former life as a basket case.

That said, the photo stands nearly unrivaled in its ability to capture a moment in time and serve as a springboard to other times, other places. Here at Farm Collector, we received an outpouring of images. While we only had room to publish a few in the February 2010 issue, we’ve showcased all the submissions (in two photo galleries) here:

Photo Gallery 1: Images published in Farm Collector.

Photo Gallery 2: Images we didn’t have room to publish.

Thanks to all who submitted photos – and now, on with the show! FC

  • Published on Dec 28, 2009
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