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Happy Birthday, City of St. Louis!

By Staff

St. Louis

Louisiana Purchase

St. Louis becomes part of the U.S. when the Louisiana Territory is purchased from France for $15 million dollars.

1817: First steamboat

The Zebulon
M. Pike, the first steamboat to make it up the Mississippi,
arrives in St. Louis,
ushering in a new era of trade and travel.

Great Fire

The Great Fire of 1849 starts on the steamer White Cloud, spreads to 15 city blocks along the riverfront and destroys 23

Construction of railroads begins

 In 1852, construction begins on the Pacific
Railroad, the first railroad west of the Mississippi.
By 1855, the first train of the Pacific Railroad departs for the West.

St. Louis
Agricultural & Mechanical Fair

Established in what is now Fairground Park,
what began as a small county fair grew into a large exposition on more than 100

Eads Bridge

  Construction of the first large bridge spanning the Mississippi begins.
Completed in 1874, it makes St. Louis
less dependent on steamboats and ferries to transport manufactured goods.

Lousiana Purchase Exposition

The St.
Louis World’s Fair attracts 20 million visitors who
sample new culinary delights like the ice cream cone, iced tea and cotton

Gateway Arch


Standing 630 feet high and spanning 630 feet across
at ground level, the Arch celebrates the Louisiana Purchase and St. Louis’ title as
“Gateway to the West.”

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  • Published on Sep 25, 2013
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