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Wanted: Head for a 8-16 1921 International. Please no texts 517-392-7280. MI


Like to buy any type of old farm equipment, one
piece or whole collection, salesman samples, country
store, corn shellers, anything farm related, advertising
signs, old wood signs. Leave message


Gas Engine Tom
Looking for old hit miss engines, parts,
models and/or entire collections. 614-306-
0908 or gasenginetom@hotmail.com (OH)


Wanted: Wind-electric generator catalogs,
brochures, advertising, photographs and memorabilia
for Windmillers’Gazette article research
files. Text or call Christopher Gillis @


Wanted: Looking for 1930 to 1945 standard
monarch single cylinder engine parts. Walk behind
Cultivator. 918-998-4166,or email hotrodkw56@gmail.com


Looking for early twin/multi cylinder engines.
Fairbanks, Holt, Cummins for a few. Also looking
for Meitz & Wiess engines. 848-992-1764.


Wanted: 20 quart hand crank ice cream machine
to be ran by Hit & Miss Engine. 530-636-
3076. CA


Wanted: Gibson D tractor with forklift attachment,
Deutz MAH711 hopper cooled Diesel Engine
and parts for the same also Belt Pulley for
Deutz tractor. Call 618-558-6918 IL

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