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Like to buy any type of old farm equipment, one
piece or whole collection, salesman samples, country
store, corn shellers, anything farm related, advertising
signs, old wood signs. Leave message

Gas Engine Tom
Looking for old hit miss engines, parts,
models and/or entire collections. 614-306-
0908 or gasenginetom@hotmail.com (OH)

Looking for early twin/multi cylinder
engines. Fairbanks, Holt, Cummins for a
few. Also looking for Meitz & Wiess and
IHC engines. 848-992-1764.

Wanted: “Want to buy Chase Manufacturing
Company, Mason City, Iowa made engines and
advertising “My registry of Chase Mfg. Co. engines
contains engines: 9, 49, 52, 96, 101, 599,
and 805 as of June, 2021.
Email: rogerwhite57@gmail.com. WY

Published on Oct 8, 2021

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