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Farm Collection is Compact, but Meaningful

I have received Farm Collector for two years. It is a wonderful and informative magazine that I read through front to back each month and then re-read many of the articles. I grew up on a small farm in Ohio; my parents sold it in 1960 when I was 12. We moved 575 miles south and no longer farmed. The older I get, the more my mind goes back to memories of my childhood days and the many wonderful times of family life on the farm. My mother has challenged me to record my memories in writing, which I plan to do. Too bad we did not take very many pictures. Many I see in Farm Collector bring back even more fond memories.

I do not have a collection of “old iron,” as it is impractical where I live now. My farm collection consists of a set of 1/12-scale tractors crafted expertly with great realism and detail, all in wood, with no plastic or metal used. The craftsman has produced six tractor models and I happily own one of each, all with low serial numbers. Three are John Deeres: a 1951 B, a 1951 BW and a 1936 BR (each dyed green and yellow, rather than painted, so the grain of the maple and walnut shows). Three are Fords: a 1947 2N, a 1950 8N and a 1953 Jubilee (in natural cherry and walnut). The Deeres are also available in a natural finish (with no dye). The detail, authenticity and craftsmanship are superb on each one.

My farm collection is probably complete, as the craftsman is not currently starting any more models, though I am holding out hope for a 1953 Minneapolis-Moline ZB. Thanks for your great publication.

Richard Streib via email

  • Published on Jul 10, 2015
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