Best of Show: Farm Show Season 2007 Photos

Farm Collector readers share their favorite shots from the 2007 show season.

| February 2008

Consider the lowly snapshot. Tucked in a drawer, in the pickup's visor, stashed in a book or an album, carried in a wallet, a fading, dog-eared photo is among those things you can't quite bring yourself to throw out. Even in battered condition, that old photo has a power to transport you to a moment you don't want to forget.

And that is precisely the beauty of photography. Farm Collector readers demonstrated that with their contributions to this year's "Best of Show" issue. Several months ago, we asked our readers to send us their favorite farm equipment photos from the 2007 show season. In the Image Gallery you'll find our favorites from the dozens of photos submitted.

These photos capture the many pleasures of show season: the frenzied activity, the variety of displays, the faces, young and old. But they're more than just pretty pictures of antique farm equipment and happy people. Take some time with them; soak up the detail. Let them remind you of the color of just-plowed dirt, of threshed grain, of green fields. Note the quality of light on a summer morning. Let those visual cues call up the sounds and smells of a show; let memory wash over you - and relive show season in the depths of winter.

To all who submitted photos for this issue, thanks for helping us travel back a bit. And now, on with the show!