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2011 International Windmillers' Trade Fair

Reader Contribution by Press Release

The 2011 International Windmillers’ Trade Fair will be taking place in Lamar, Co., June 15-17. We are looking forward to another great experience and have planned a full three days.

As always, the focus is on buying, selling and trading windmills and thing related to windmills, so bring anything you would like to share, sell or display. We will be headquarted at the Prowers County Fairgrounds and there is ample room for trailers and displays. Concessions will be available through the day, and the buildings will be locked at night.

In addition, we will be planning other activities of interest, including local historical tours. On Wednesday you can visit Big Timbers Museum, which as a wide variety of interesting and historically important artifacts from our area’s frontier and homesteading past. There is also a collection of buggies and other early forms of transportation from the 1880s to the 1920s. On Thursday, you can visit Camp Amache, which was a Japanese Internment Camp during World War II. You can walk through the remains of the site and also tour the Amache museum, which commemorates the Americans of Japanese descent who lived at Amanche during the war. We will also have the traditional ice cream social, the popular windmill trivia contest hosted by T. Lindsay Baker, and our annual banquet. The Trade Fair will conclude on Friday with an afternoon at Bob and Helen Emick’s ranch. We will have a cattle branding and, of course, Bob and Helen’s collection of restored windmills will be on display. There will be a barbecue and entertainment to finish the day.

For more infomration the fair as well as camping and hotel information, please call Ken Emick (719) 336-6559 or (719) 940-0119.

  • Published on Mar 7, 2011
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