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Snap Happy: Photos from the 2016 Show Season

Scent, sound, touch, sight: Many things spur memory, but few do it as quickly as a photo. Sometimes memories are even tangled up with photos, especially photos we look at again and again. Is it the event we remember, or the photo we’ve seen of the event?

In this issue, we are thrilled to share with you photos taken by Farm Collector readers, capturing highlights of the 2016 show season. As it turns out, our readers are very capable photographers, capturing everything from the action of threshing to the fun of parades to the simple camaraderie brought about by a mutual interest in old iron.

The number of photos submitted broke records this year, so we carved out a little additional space in this issue to accommodate the overflow. There still wasn’t enough space to use all of the photos we received, but this is the best of the batch.

Take a look at these shots: No matter where the mercury is in your thermometer on this winter day, you’re likely to conjure up the warmth of a summer day. Listen and you’ll hear the engines (and maybe even a PA announcement about a pickup parked in the wrong place!). Catch a whiff of smoke from a firebox; run your finger over the mirror-like finish on a restored tractor.

And just like that – you’re transported back to show season. Photos act like magic carpets that way. Settle in and enjoy the ride as you take one more look at show season 2016!

  • Published on Jan 10, 2017
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