Farm Collector

First Things

Number of antique farm equipment shows held
annually in the U.S.: 1,400.

Number of Farm Collector editorial staffers available
to cover shows: 1.

Okay: I like a challenge! I don’t mind working hard! I love to
travel! But when you’re one person facing a hobby that reaches into
every corner of the country, you start feeling a bit like Hercules
squaring off against the nine-headed Hydra. So, working like the
one-minute manager, I’m delegating.

Now it’s your turn to man the camera. It’s easy: Just frame the
shots, take a few notes, then send it all to me. We’ll pick the top
shots, and print as many of your photos from the 2005 show season
as we have space for.

Your Assignment: We’re looking for shots of
what you liked best, whether it’s a display of regional engines, or
oddball tractors, or a spark show. We’re especially keen on photos
that show people having fun, unusual collectibles, local color,
out-of-the-ordinary exhibits and demonstrations. We’re interested
in geography: If you feel your area is underrepresented in these
pages, here’s your chance to stake a claim!

Technical Details: First, we’re looking for
photos that are in focus and well-lit. We can work with prints or
digitals; if you send digital images, they must be shot at the
highest resolution possible (at least 300 dpi) or our printer will
turn thumbs down. We need basic information, but keep it brief!
Provide names of people and equipment. Tell us when and where the
photo was taken, as well as the name of the show. Tell us what you
like about the photo. Be sure to provide the name of the
photographer, and provide your email address or phone number, in
case we need to contact you.

The Harsh Realities: We can’t publish all the
photos you send. You’ll have to trust us to pick the best. And we
can’t return all those photos, so if you send a print, make a copy
to keep. Send the photos to Farm Collector Show Photos,
1503 S.W. 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609.

Your deadline is Nov. 1. We’ll publish the
photos in the February issue of Farm Collector. We’ll
include the information you provide, and give you credit for your
photography. And in the dead of winter, we’ll all share a smile as
we turn the pages and recall what fun we had last summer.

Leslie McManus, Editor

  • Published on Oct 1, 2005
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