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Guiness World Record Set at South African Plowing Event

Imagine 106 plows drawn by all manner of power units charging down the same land, with clouds of smoke and steam billowing behind.

That actually happened in April 1999 during the South African vintage agricultural machinery show called “The Great 100 Working.” In the process, a Guiness world record was set for the most tractors plowing at one time. Verification by Guiness World Records occurred in February of this year.

The Keeper of the Records at Guiness said then that the plowing event’s record will now be considered for inclusion into the world’s biggest selling copyright book: Guiness World Records.

The 106 plowing tractors ranged in age from a 1909 Rumely OilPull to a 1999 Bell 2808C. Also plowing amidst the tractors was a team of Nguni oxen.

The event was held at Sandstone Estates, Hoekfontein, Eastern Free State, South Africa. The Great 100 Working Show was backed by The Veteran Farmer magazine (published by the RF Group). The publisher noted that challenges from groups around the world are likely.

The record-setting event is featured in the a video, “The Great 100 Working,” available through Roger Capper, P.O. Box 2127, Apopka, FL 32704-2127; (407) 886-7751. FC

  • Published on Aug 1, 2000
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