June 2020 Sprouts

Check out these cute drawings of farm life from some up-and-coming, talented agricultural artists!

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by Cameron Stucky

Cameron Stucky
Age 7
Pretty Prairie, Kan.

Jonathon Horning
Age 14
Lebanon, Pa.

Holland Vogel
Age 9
Lake Wilson, Minn.

Elliot Vogel
Age 7
Lake Wilson, Minn.

Gabe Smith
Age 10
Goodson, Mo.

Have a budding artist in your family? Share your kids’ or grandkids’ farm-related artwork with the readers of Farm Collector, and we’ll send a T-shirt to those whose work we publish. Send original submissions to Farm Collector, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609-1265. Please include the artist’s name, age and hometown and a recent photograph. A release form will be sent to the parents of each artist whose work is selected for publication; the release must be signed and returned to Farm Collector before the artwork can be published.

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