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Letters to the Editor: Corn Harvesting with an Avery Tractor

This is a picture of corn harvesting day on Edwin Fiscus’ farm in Bethel, Ohio, in November 2007. The primary equipment used was a 1917 Avery 8-16 tractor belted to a Rosenthal shredder.

A lot of work was done ahead of time to get the corn ready to shred. First, Edwin had to plant the right amount of corn for the event and keep it alive in the severe drought we had last year.

When the corn stalks had just the right moisture content, we cut the corn by hand and placed it in large corn shocks like those used in the old days. The temperature reached 95 degrees on the day we chose to cut the corn. We kept telling ourselves we were having fun during the very hot day of cutting. We only cut for a few hours: I cannot imagine doing that all day! The corn then continued to dry in shocks until it was time for shredding.

Next year, we plan to use all Rumely equipment for the event, including a Rumely corn shredder.

We are greatly enjoying every issue of Farm Collector. Keep up the good work!

Brad Hauck
via e-mail

  • Published on Jun 1, 2008
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