Letters to the Editor

A chain of connections

| March 2007

I have one of the chain breakers that were shown in What Is It in the October 2006 issue of Farm Collector. It was interesting to me that the chain breaker appeared in the same issue as an article on peanut farming. The peanut digger shown on page 31 of that issue and the peanut picker on page 32 used the type of chain that you used a chain breaker to separate. I still have my chain breaker even though I quit farming 40 years ago.

I first met Bob Harrell (referenced in the peanut farming article) when he was on the ordination council for my brother, Joseph D. Lang, in the late 1950s. I live about 30 miles north of Edenton, N.C. I also worked with Robert J. Goodrich, whose father and uncle invented the peanut digger pictured on page 31 of the October issue. I still own a peanut picker like the one pictured.

Daniel W. Lang
Gatesville, N.C.