Farm Collector

Letters to the Editor

In response to “A double-tree question” (Farm Collector
Letters, January 2008, page 5): This is obviously a double-tree set
up for a team of horses to pull something, but it appears to be for
a quick release. Therefore it could have been connected to anything
that needed to be moved and quickly released.

It might have been used to skid logs out of the woods. A chain
could have been attached to the ends with a hooking apparatus to
attach to the logs.

I have an old log sled. In my research I read about a problem
with the sleds freezing to the ground. A team could pull the sled
but could not free it initially. So a second team was needed for
just a short time to get the sled free. When the sled was free,
they would be released quickly. I am sure you have readers who know
a lot more about this.

I enjoy your magazine.

Chuck Wolgamott
Big Rapids, Mich.

  • Published on Mar 1, 2008
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