Letters to the Editor

Baker loader recognized

| November 2007

I am writing in regard to the article by Conrad A. Russell (Farm Collector, September 2007, page 44). I know nothing about the buck rake he wrote about, but I noticed the hydraulic loader mounted on the Farmall H tractor in the photo.

I believe this to be a loader that was invented near Neligh, Neb., by Merwin Olson and Gerald Baker. It was always referred to as the Baker loader. For some years, I don't know how long, it was marketed by Tractor Supply Co. In fact, I know of a few still in use today in the area. There also was a "hay head" made for these loaders to stack loose hay. It had wooden teeth like a hay sweep and a hydraulic push-off.

- Marvin G. Lundquist
52648 856th Road
Neligh, NE 68756