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Letters to the Editor: Bostick Foundry Equipment

Alonzo Bostick ran a foundry in Millington, Mich., from 1879 until 1901 when he and his son moved the foundry to Lapeer, Mich., to be on the main rail line for shipping. They made land rollers, cultivators, plows, sleighs and cook stoves.

I have a Bostick roller, but I am looking to find a Bostick plow and cook stove. The plow was called the Millington Clipper, 3 was one of the numbers. I have a Moore plow point and parts book from 1931, and it has points available listed for a Millington Clipper No. 3. These plows were available in the Michigan Gazetteer ad from 1883 with a wood beam and a Gazetteer ad from 1893 as a steel beam Millington Clipper (“the best general purpose plow made”). They made farm implements until 1905. They started making cook stoves in 1891 – the Economy Banner Range – and they quit making them in 1923. The cultivators they made were called the Champion wheel cultivator.

If anyone has any information on any of these items I would really like to hear from them.

Ed Sergent
7838 Swaffer Rd.
Vassar, MI 48768

  • Published on Jul 1, 2008
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