Farm Collector

Letters to the Editor

I really enjoyed Sam Moore’s article on farm wagons in the July
2007 issue of Farm Collector, and had to tell you about my
wagon project.

I’m about 90 percent finished building a John Deere farm wagon.
It is 1/3-scale and I am duplicating every part, using yellow pine
for the bed, white oak for the sides, cast irons skeins, hickory
and oak wheels, tires, sweat on, etc. I’m hoping it will be a nice
show piece. I’m to a point now of painting the running gear red. I
need to make springs for the seat and a tailgate that opens. I have
seen a lot of goat carts, but nothing like mine. I enjoy Sam’s
column and the magazine in general. I have a fleet of restored John
Deeres and also Cushman scooters.

Tom Barrett
6770 Kelso Creek Road
Weldon, CA 93283

  • Published on Jan 1, 2008
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