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We are looking for information on two items here at the Ag

A large cattle rancher in Merced County, Calif., built the first
item (item A) in about 1910. It was to hold a cow while it was
skinned. A lot of people used a block and tackle to hoist the cow,
but this device was said to have more leverage and was easier to
pull the cow. Bob Gyer, Merced, volunteered to rebuild it for the
museum. He had to get big timbers to set it on; he cut and fitted
the wood and oiled it with linseed oil to preserve the wood. After
a lot of work this is how the item looks today. Has anyone seen
anything like it, or does anyone have more information?

The next item (item B) is a reproduction of a 1910 Holt wheel
tractor. Holt built the wheel tractor and soon found tracks were a
lot better than wheels. That is about all we know about the
tractor. Do any Farm Collector readers have more
information on this tractor?

Charlie Parish
Ag Museum
4498 E. Highway 140
Merced, CA 95340
(209) 383-1912

  • Published on May 1, 2007
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