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I am sending “before and after” restoration photos of my 1952
Case SC tractor from the Buckeye state – Ohio. My dad, Frank
Gutridge, bought this tractor new with a set of 2-bottom plows when
I was 10 years old. You might say I grew up on this tractor and
plowed many acres with it over the years. My dad died in 1967 and
we had to sell the farm equipment. My uncle, Fred Osburn, bought
the tractor around 1968 or 1969. I bought a 1958 Case 300 and the
2-bottom plows from the farm to use on my 7-acre spread and went
into the electrical trade, but never forgot my favorite

My wife and I joined the Old Steam and Gas Club a couple of
years ago and I started pulling a Case 400 tractor, but the SC was
still in the back of my mind. I asked relatives if they had any
idea what had become of my dad’s SC and discovered that my first
cousin had it stored in her barn. It had not run for two years, but
she didn’t want it to get out of the family. I told her I would
like to restore it to its original state. Lo and behold, when I
went to get the tractor, she gave it to me and said her dad, Fred,
would be happy to know that it was taken care of.

We pulled the tractor into the barn on June 6, and drove it out
on July 4, fully restored. My wife and I, along with our daughter
and her family, spent many late nights cleaning, sanding and
painting that tractor so I could drive it in the local parade on
Independence Day.

We are starting to restore a 1948 Case VAC now. It is identical
to the one my dad had on the farm, but unlike the Case SC is not
the original one. I also plan to restore the original 2-bottom

Joe Gutridge
7491 Poplar Forks
Road S.E.
Newark, OH 43055

  • Published on Oct 1, 2007
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