Letters to the Editor

Corn drill restored

| December 2007

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Enclosed are photos of a Campbell corn drill I recently restored. As most farm equipment collectors know, the Campbell corn drill was manufactured in the Harrison, Ohio, area in the late 1800s by the Campbell brothers. The actual manufacturing site was in West Harrison, Ind., on the street where the Indiana/Ohio state line runs down the center of the street. I live in Ohio about a mile from the state line.

Since I became a collector I've been looking for one of these drills. I found this one at a sale in the Harrison area. It was originally purchased by a prominent local family, probably around 1900, and remained in the family through three generations. The original owner worked for the Campbell company prior to going into farming. This drill has never been more than 5 miles from its site of manufacture.

When I acquired the drill, the only thing missing was the wood handles. I suspect they were removed for use on different farm tools when the drill became obsolete.

My grandfather worked for the company starting in about 1914 when it was still named the Campbell Corn Drill Co. The company went on to become the Campbell Hausfeld Co., and is still in business today.

- Russell Radcliffe
10259 New Haven Road
Harrison, OH 45030