Letters to the Editor

Correction: Reader catches Centaur error

| April 2006

The Centaur article in the February 2006 issue generated a lot of response from Farm Collector readers. Several folks wanted to sell me Centaur tractors they own, while others needed more information.

One, Paul Thompson from Delaware County, Ohio, pointed out an error in the caption of the photo of the Tractaire air compressor tractor. I stated that the engine and the air compressor shared a common crankshaft, but had separate block assemblies. This is pretty much impossible; a common crankshaft requires a common block and the engine in the Tractair was, in fact, cast en bloc.

Paul owns a Tractair that he purchased from the Guipel Paving Co., once located in nearby Dublin, Ohio.

I appreciate Paul correcting my mistake, and apologize to the readers for letting the error creep into the article.

- Sam Moore
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