Letters to the Editor

Did Oliver make lawn tractors?

| April 2006

I've just finished the January 2006 issue of Farm Collector and as always it was great. After reading the lawn tractors article (page 30), I was wondering if any reader out there has ever heard of Oliver making a lawn tractor? I was told that Oliver made a lawn mower tractor in about 1962.

I grew up in northwest Iowa around Fort Dodge. Dad farmed for 40 years and 35 were with an Oliver 70, 77, 88, 1800, 1655, and a White 105. So if anyone can help out on this lawn tractor, please let me know. If such a thing was made and anyone has one, I will be interested in it, as long as it's all there.

- Larry Jensen
438 N. Pine St.
El Paso, IL 61738