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Letters to the Editor

After successfully twinning two 1950 Farmall H tractors together
last year, they now have a little brother, twin 1950 Farmall Cs.
They were also built like the twin H (except for a few
modifications) where you can use either engine or transmission, or
both, to operate the unit. By engaging the two power trains
together, you double the horsepower. The twin C’s rear wheels are
also 7-1/2-feet apart to the outside of the tire so it can be
hauled easily. It has enough axle to put dualies on if you want to.
From what I hear, these are the only ones made this way in the U.S.
If there are others, I would like to hear about them and exchange

– David S. Evans
East Prospect, Pa.

  • Published on Jul 1, 2006
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