Letters to the Editor

Feeling at Home with Farm Collector

| January 2007

I really enjoy Farm Collector. It is the only periodical that I read cover to cover, even the ads. I'm not a farmer, neither have I lived on a farm, but I really enjoy reading about those who do. When I first began reading Farm Collector, it seemed I was treading on someone else's land … until I received the August 2006 issue and read about Alan King of Delaware, Ohio, who made his living producing books for farm equipment collectors.

Alan didn't grow up on a farm but he helped on his uncle and grandfather's farm. That's my story also: I worked on my uncle's farm as a teenager and also on other area farms. It made an impression on me that I will never forget as long as I live. It's an experience every kid should have. Well, I felt more at home after reading Alan's story.

After retirement I needed something to do, so I built a model of a farm, using scrap wood. It includes a farm house, barn, chicken coop, corn crib, silo and windmill, complete with small ears of corn I whittled out of wood. Just seeing the small wooden farm helps me remember fond memories of hard work, fresh air, satisfaction over a job well done and those great dinners the farm wives would make.

- Walter C. Butler
Mt. Vernon, Ohio