Letters to the Editor

Homemade tractor

| May 2005

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  • HomemadeTractor.jpg

In response to a letter to the editor (Farm Collector, February 2005, page 6) from Tony Friga: Your pictures and description of a homemade tractor nearly blew my mind. I said, "Hey, that's my tractor!" Then I wondered about the odds of this being the tractor I assembled in about 1933 from parts of a Model T and a Baby Overland car.

I used a Model T frame, front axle assembly and steering, and the wooden spoke wheels as shown in your picture. I used the Baby Overland engine and transmission. If this is the same tractor, someone else adapted and mounted the mower on it. Also, the wheels I put on the rear were car wheels without tires or rims. I made cleats of 1-inch angle iron and bolted them to the wheels. Everything was bolted together, no welds.

I believe I used the Baby Overland radiator and shell, and a steel farm equipment seat. I would sure like to hear from you if anything I have mentioned shows up in your tractor. The odds are astronomical, anyway. What would be the likelihood of this being the one I assembled 72 years ago in Albuquerque?

- Charlie Hobson
1116 Western Meadows N.W.
Albuquerque, NM 87114