Letters to the Editor

Identifying a wagon

| February 2007

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  • Identifyingwagon.jpg

I totally enjoy the magazine and the great coverage you guys and gals do on things. I wrote a letter to the editor about a year ago, asking about Oliver garden tractors. Boy, did I learn a lot, and the people I've met are great. I heard from people in 12 states, plus local people.

I have another question. Can you or anyone tell me about this wagon? My late sister had it and I found it when we cleaned out the house. It has "Nikkie" hand-painted on the side. The paint is red, white and black, but I think it has been repainted. I need to know who made it and the year, if possible, plus the color of paint when it was new. Keep up the great job.

Larry Jensen
438 N. Pine St.
El Paso, IL 61738
(309) 527-2942