Letters to the Editor

Iron Age cultivator revives fond memories

| July 2006

My brother, Frank Smith, Clearfield, Pa., has an Iron Age cultivator like the one pictured on page 5 of the April 2006 issue of Farm Collector. The name is cast on the frame where the cultivator shoes are attached ("Iron" on one side, "Age" on the other). Frank also has a corn planter attachment for the cultivator. Instead of a horizontal disc to distribute the seed, it has a vertical wheel with four brushes to push out the seed. The wheel and some of the heavier parts of the framework have traces of glossy black paint, and there is a trace of a decal on the front of the corn hopper. Of course the cultivator shoes would be removed when the planter was attached, and missing is a drive chain that attached to the sprocket at the side of the planter.

It has been on the family farm since our great-grandfather's time, and we think it dates to about 1910 to 1920.

About the only other thing I can tell you for sure is that I raised more blisters pushing it than I care to remember.

- Rosemary Smith
Clearfield, Pa.