Letters to the Editor

John Deere loader makes a great display

| April 2006

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  • JohnDeereloader.jpg

I have a John Deere no. 26 rear-mount cable loader, and now I have found a John Deere no. 25 loader (see photo). It is powered off the flywheel and the mechanism is located on the left side near the left brake pedal. It is operated by a foot pedal. The pedal in the start position is the brake to hold the bucket in the desired position, pedal halfway lowers the bucket, pedal forward raises the bucket. It is cable-operated and has a trip bucket with a brake and clutch all on one pedal. The loader was bought new in 1948 by Lowren Gudex, Eden, Wis. He had it on a 1938 John Deere A and when I put it on my 1949 John Deere A, I had to buy an adapter to fit the flywheel. I have taken it to shows and shown it in parades. It is nice to have people willing to sell items like this so we can show what it was like before all the hydraulics and push buttons.

- James Newman
W. 3366 County Road C
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085
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