Letters to the Editor

Model 30 Cockshutt masquerading as a 50?

| February 2006

I just received the December issue of Form Collector, and it looks good as usual. I think there is an error on page 23. The Cockshutt tractor identified as a 50 is a Model 30 with Model 50 decals. The 50 had a 6-cylinder engine and much different frame. Also, the steering shaft on the 50 was routed over the engine similar to the Farmall Models H and M. The 30 shown has a 4-cylinder engine and the steering shaft is angled down and along the side of the engine. The serial number and model number will be stamped on the top of the frame on the left side near the distributor. Just had to let you know.

- Horry Deckler
Granger, Ind.