Letters to the Editor

More rare than a churn

| January 2008

  • Nickersonsjug.jpg

  • Nickersonsjug.jpg

On page 36 of the October issue of Farm Collector, Mr. Nickerson is shown holding what he thinks to be a Dandy butter churn. Although it does indeed resemble an early churn, it is in fact a kerosene jug made by the Ball canning jar company.

What he has is more rare than a churn, at least in this area. Ball made these jugs in half- and 1-gallon sizes. They began in 1882 before they ever made canning jars and continued into the teens of the next century.

I am enclosing photos of one I acquired recently that is probably getting near the end of the time when they were made. I'm also enclosing a copy of a 1912 Ball brochure. As you can see, Mr. Nickerson's jug is identical to the one in this brochure. The Dandy name on his is horizontal while mine is vertical. I love your magazine!

- Davis Milligan
Greenwood, Del.